Turn your brand's message into
a personal video!  

Do a video everyone is telling you - but how and what do you even say in it? Filming yourself and getting your story and message just right can be tricky, if you are not used to it. I did this for a living - for over two decades. Today I help small business owners go from overwhelmed to confident on camera - while telling their best story.


I was all about video before all of this happened - but it's 2021, people!
There is NO way to do anything without video! So get on it!

Let me guess, you heard this before:  You need to put yourself “out there”, do Facebook Lives, get a Youtube channel, rock every Zoom call, make it big on InstaTV
and become a Reels pro?

Wouldn't that be awesome?

Sure - but how in the world do you do that?
And - what is the message you want to put out?

Oh, and by the way - you always hated your pictures being taken, feel like your dying when you do public speaking and feel generously awkward in the spotlight?



Relax. Breath and Shine.

Over the last 7 years I have developed a proven method to teach my clients how to present themselves confident and authentic in front of a camera - while sharing a story that engages and stands out.

Loose the panic and anxiety and rock your screen and live time.
I have been in the media industry for 25 years. I have worked with celebrities around the globe as well as “normal people” with no idea what they were doing.

I helped them all and I know how to help you.



Hi, I am Kim! 

I help entrepreneurs and brands design their best selling message and turn it into a video.

Yes, even if you hate it and swear you never know what to say. If you have something to sell that you believe in - you have all you need. Promoting it through video will be a "Kinderspiel" (a walk in the park) once you learn how to do it!
I am a former professional media exec and TV producer - for 25 years I worked for two of Europe's biggest media outlets - both print and television. 5 years ago I moved to Sagaponack, New York. Exchanging the bright city lights of German hotspot Berlin with the rural Hamptons wasn't always easy - but it got me to embrace my not so secret passion even more - VIDEO - it's the perfect tool to stay connected, promote your brand and message and make a lasting impact. Now more than ever! Learn how to rock your screen time from Facebook, to TIKTOK and Zoom - you will own this!
That is a promise!


The average user spends 88 % more time
on a website with video content.

After watching a video users are 85 % more likely
to buy from you.


It takes 7 seconds for the audience to decide
if they like what they see. If they don't - they're gone.


Hot Seat Video Review

Want to know how you are doing? Let me take a look at your videos and footage and I will give you a detailed review. Just send me your latest videos and I will tell you where you slam it already and how you can improve on the spot! 



The fast and furious do-it-yourself course! Want to see a change asap? Want to have the tools ready to smash every zoom meeting and dazzle your listeners? Then this is for you! This course will launch soon, get on the list now!


Filming remotly

Hiring a production crew would be great but is way above your budget? So how about we use your phone with me as your director? Thanks to innovative tech I can film your video through your phone! All you need to bring is yourself!


"Kim and her team are our go to partners for all needs video –
either in production or training. She helped us in portraying our brand,
delivered an outstanding end product."

- Marco Nussbaum, CEO prizeotel

"Kim is a pleasure to work with. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anybody in need of professional media training."

- Rami Sowan, Development & Community Manager, ZALANDO

That Other Thing I do...

Writing, storytelling and connecting others has always been my passion. The MOMMY IN THE HAMPTONS blog is my way of putting myself out there. As a writer and video producer. I am a mommy living in the Hamptons and my blog is all about the inspireing moms out here, the small businessines serving our community and a network of busy moms we all are longing for. Take a look! 

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