How I Had To Get Lost - To Find My Super Powers!

Jun 21, 2021

"In the end - you go home. You return to your roots". This sentence by a business coach I had a call with two years ago stuck with me. She didn't - we were not a good fit. But she had a point. And she wasn't talking about my actual living condition but my niche, my very own super powers, the one thing I can go on about forever. My - not so secret - passion. Why is it that we never seem to be able to see the most obvious thing ourselves? It took me a minute (try three years) to figure it out. And I strongly believe I needed to take this detour to really get it.

So, hello - again. My name is Kim. If you would have told me 5 years ago that I would go on a multi layover entrepreneurial journey looking for the best way to put my experience, skills and passion to use - I would have laughed out loud. But that is exactly what happened.

But let's start at the beginning. I made a pretty good career in journalism back in Germany - as a reporter, producer and editor-at-large in both print and tv and I loved it. But corporate media and daily deadlines lost their appeal over the years (hello burnout). So in 2013 I went into media coaching - training clients on how to show up on camera, in interviews, for videos and with the right message for their brand. I worked with politicians, CEOs, entrepreneurs, print reporters and PR teams - pretty much anybody who needed to be on video. And I would most likely still be doing it based out of Berlin, Germany if I did not decide to move halfway across the world for love and focus on my private life for a change. Not really thinking about my work life (for the first time in, well, ever). So two kids and a lockdown later it turns out that I did have to start over. I changed, the industry changed, the world changed. What stayed the same is the power of video. If anything it got even bigger. Suddenly we all need to be online, courses have seen a crazy increase and coaching is the way to go. Great. So I was indeed on the right track - or map, only the right direction was missing. A chance and challenge wrapped into one.

I quickly got what they call shiny object syndrome. Which pretty much means I jumped at everything I thought could be exciting and would be needed with potential clients. I got a coaching degree in Solution Focused Coaching and worked with moms that felt overwhelmed and under valued (as a new mom I saw the issues first hand). I did a business coaching course and learned how to put together online courses (because we all take them and it is a great way to get your message out). All good and great - but I still felt like I was not quite there yet. I am honest, I don't know if I arrived yet - but I know that I am heading in the right direction now.

Which brings me back to today and the reason for this article. I indeed, went back to where my passion is. "It's all about Bewegtbild" was my slogan back in Germany. And "It's all about video" - still stands. And most likely will continue to be the most important tool in promoting yourself and your business for the foreseeable future. And I know all about it. So why not actually help others learn about it too? I had to realize that a lot of the things that seem easy and obvious to me actually are not to people who have not had to come up daily with engaging headlines, thrilling storylines that make it easy and entertaining for the viewers to follow. Who never worked on a TV set, with the right light, the best frames and angles or brainstormed the ideal way to edit the footage so that it could be aired to millions of viewers.

So there they were. My super powers.

I rebranded and reinvented my company to help entrepreneurs with their videos. From set up to storyline, to filming, to editing. You have got to use video today - but most business owners have no idea where to get started, how to script it, which format to pick and how to execute it. I do - thanks to two decades in two of Europe's most successful media companies.

So hi - I am Kim and I am open for business! I just put together a first online course on how to smash your next video call, because that is where video starts for most of us. So look out for BOOST YOUR ZOOM CHARISMA, I will be talking about it soon.

Until then come and visit me over on Instagram (I am starting that account pretty much from scratch to keep it apart from my personal one, so hop on over please and follow me if you like! Or check out my website for more!

Thank you for staying to the end. For me this is a big day. Thank you for being there for it.

Kim Lenar Ehrhardt

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